SISU_LINE #1 Dynamics of Theory and Practice

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SISU_LINE is a new yearly bilingual journal published by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects. The SISU_LINE #1 takes a look at the first SISU Symposium -Teooriast praktikani / Between Theory and Practice which took place in Tallinn in June 2014.

SISU_LINE #1 includes contributions from SISU Symposium presenters – academic lecturers from various universities (RMIT, LUCA / Sint-Lucas, Chalmers University, University of Montreal, University of Brighton, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu University), as well as practitioners from Estonia and elsewhere. SISU_LINE #1 also reflects on  SISU 2014 workshop “Sound in Space / Space in Sound” and gives an overview of the issues raised at SISU roundtable “The Identity and borders of an interior architect”.

Authors: Krista Aren, Suzie Attiwill, Margit Argus/Margit Aule, Tom Callebaut, Joke Van Hengstum, Eero Jürgenson, Jüri Kermik, Morten Lund, Ad Kil/Ro Koster, Tiiu Põldma, Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla.

Editorial Board: Jüri Kermik, Edina-Dufala Pärn, Triin Ojari, Martin Melioranski, Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla (editor)

The first issue of SISU_LINE can be purchased at the Estonian Association of Interior Architects office in Tallinn, Rüütli 4, for 5€. To order an issue by mail, please contact info@esl.ee.

SISU_LINE #1 was published with help from the Estonian Cultural Endowment.