SISU—LINE #3 Welcome Stranger!

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SISU––LINE #3 is the journal of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, focused on spatial research, discusses the feasibility of diffidence and hospitality and is based on “SISU symposium 2016: Welcome Stranger!”.

SISU–LINE Welcome Stranger! is a provocative call to action to step out of one’s comfort zone against the background of the European migration crisis, and, from the viewpoint of the spatial environment, to discuss who is a stranger and when does a stranger become one of our own. Migration is a burning issue in today’s world, and movement can be forced or the result of free will.  And it reflects the altered behavioural patterns of people’s acclimation and adaptation in today’s real space. We speak about spatial intelligence or the relationship between place, architectural space and people, in which the ability to create new inspiring solutions in a different cultural space and landscape, political and climatic environment – to use space differently – is expressed. Everyone is left with the opportunity to choose between diffidence and hospitality.


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The third issue of SISU—LINE include articles by Alari Allik, Eva Storgaard, Gerrit Schilder and Hill Scholte, Monica Knoll, as well as Eva Sepping about the spatial environments and the multi-layered forms and feasibility of lifestyles in different parts of the world: in Japan, Denmark, Bangladesh, Palestine and Siberia. The authors of the film world’s visual essays are Ingel Vaikla, Cynthia Madansky and Guillaume Aubry. The journal also includes the MA projects completed in 2016 by students in the Department of Interior Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts and an interview conducted by Pille Lausmäe, the new chairman of the EAIA with Jüri Kermik, her one-time fellow student.


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Editorial Board: Jüri Kermik (PhD), Edina-Dufala Pärn, Triin Ojari and Martin Melioranski

Editor-in-chief: Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla
Editor: Eva Näripea
Graphic Design: Stuudio Stuudio
Translators: Juta Ristsoo and Martin Rünk
Language Editor: Tiina Hallik
Project Manager: Kairi Rand


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Lisateave: info@esl.ee

If you would like to purchase a copy of the magazine, write to us info@esl.ee. The price is 7,00 euros (+ VAT 9%) and possible delivery costs.

Publisher:Estonian Association of Interior Architects, 2017

ISSN 2382-9397